MECP 2024 Poster Presentations

A xanthan-binding module from a multi-modular xanthanase of Cohnella sp. 56 VKM B-36720

Three-Step Enzymatic Cascade for Cyanide Detection and Quantification

MetaProcess: How enzyme engineering supports the sustainable synthesis of chiral amino alcohols

Allozymes’ Ultra HighThroughput Screening Platform

Insight into the stereoselective synthesis of (1S)-nor(pseudo)ephedrine analogues by biocatalytic cascades

Photosynthesis-driven whole-cell biocatalysis using rec. Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 for the conversion of cyclohexane to ɛ-caprolactone

Biocatalysis in green and blue: synechococcus pcc11901 as a new workhorse?

Bienzymatic cascades for the sustainable synthesis of citral-based fragrances

Methylating the aromatic core — Chemoselective mono- and dimethylation by SAM-dependent C-methyltransferases

Synthesis of biobased adipic acid from lignin derivatives using engineered Pseudomonas taiwanensis VLB120

Biocatalytic Cleavage of Para-Acyloxy Benzyl Ether Protecting Groups

Expanding synthetic cascades using pyridoxal 5’-phosphate (PLP) dependant biocatalysts

Multi-enzyme/whole cell catalytic production of short-medium chain terminal alkane diols and diacids

Investigation of a novel O-demethylase acting upon polymethoxyflavones

NanoDSF sample preparation to enable high quality data for machine learning models

Title: Terpene factory

The Terpene Mini Path: or how to identify and characterize new terpene synthases?

Optimization of a high-throughput impedance spectroscopy-based screening platform for the engineering of PET hydrolases

Development of novel ABAO-based fluorogenic sensors for the application in a FADS system

Biocatalytic oxidative cleavage of alkenes using novel metal-dependent aromatic dioxygenases

A high-throughput strategy to optimize whole-cell biocatalysis in cyanobacteria

Enzymatic dealkylation of natural substrate derivatives

Biocatalytic dealkylation toolbox for organic synthesis

Fusion Proteins for Biocatalyst-Based Polymer Degradation

Concurrent Cascade Synthesis of Pyrazines Relevant for Food Industry under Biocompatible Conditions